Lesson 21  Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
Walt Disney's Tiki Room Full Complete Experience POV
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Video: Behind the Scenes of the Enchanted Tiki Room
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Lesson 22   Country Bear Jamboree

Video/YouTube- Links to view the attraction as a ride through
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 Activity 2     
Thank you to Dr. Lynn Rogers, from the North American Bear Center
  lrogers@bearstudy.org  for permission to reprint.  Ph.  877-365-7879

North American Bear Center
Web Site: https://www.bear.org/website/lesson-plans/lesson-plans-alpha-list.html

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 Activity 3
Lesson sample:
Bear Poetry

Students learn scientific facts about bears and communicate those facts in one or more written poems.  Poetry styles included in this lesson are Acrostics, Limericks, Haiku, Diamante, Cinquains, Free Verse, and Rhyming Poems.   Grade level:  1 – 6  

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Bearwalker of the Northwoods Dr. Lynn Rogers
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Alternative Project Ideas
Online Music Games-Search on-line for these activities:
 Incredibox     http://www.incredibox.fr/

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A Cappella fun
Create your own arrangement using vocal percussion, backing parts and lead vocals
 Don’t Worry Be Happy game (Bobby McFerrin)

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Lesson 23    Tom Sawyer Island
Video/YouTube Links:
Tom Sawyer's Island Walk-Through - Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World
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 Web Tool To Explore: Design/Draw/Paint – Kloudz  http://www.klowdz.com/

Lesson 24    Splash Mountain 
Video/YouTube Link- Attraction Ride:
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 Explore the film “Song of the South
Understand the storyline of the film and the controversies in the film
Understand the process of rebuilding the South during the Reconstruction period (1865-1877)
View a film clip on the Reconstruction period
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24B

Web Tool To Explore: Video Search – iTools/YouTube Video Search
Web Page link:
From memorabilia to song lyrics, since 2000, SongoftheSouth.net has been the Internet's largest web site dedicated to providing information on Walt Disney's Academy Award-winning and controversial film Song of the South. If it's about this movie, chances are it's here.

Short URL;  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24C
Activity 2
Watch this next:  70 Years of Disney's Song of the South  (6:15)
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Now it is your turn.  Have a class discussion if students agree or do not agree with the content in activity 1 and activity 2.

 Activity 3
Watch this next
Disney's Song of the South Discussed on CNN's Paula Zahn Now (8:45)
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24E
Should Disney re-release the film?
Activity 4
Review the following web posts and share with the class your opinions on the film

 Song of the south Web links:
10 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Facts About 'Song of the South' | Mental Floss
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24F
Bachmann's Tar Baby controversy and the truth about Brer Rabbit ...
Short YRL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24F
Controversy Over Walt Disney's "Song of the South" - Collectorz ...
 Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24G
Disney Studios Is Still Struggling With Controversial Cartoon ...
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24H

 Is Song of the South too racist to screen? | Film | The Guardian
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24J

 Just How Racist Is Disney's 'Song of the South'? - ScreenCrush
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24K
The Most Controversial Disney Classic You Probably Forgot | Lifestyle
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24M
Regarding 'Song of the South' – The Film That Disney Doesn't Want ...
Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson24N

Activity 6
View a film clip on the Reconstruction period
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Resources for “Song of the South” movie
Song of the South-Link
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Lesson 25   Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
 “The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness:  Race through a haunted gold-mining town aboard a rollicking runaway mine train.”

Video-Web Resources-YouTube Links:
Video/YouTube Link- Attraction Ride: 4K POV
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 Video/YouTube Link Ride Attraction:
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New interactive queue at Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster at Disney's Magic Kingdom
Video:   Short URL:  http://bit.ly/wdwlesson25B

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